15th Venice Architecture Biennale

European Cultural Centre

The exhibition was held at the Palazzo Mora

3659 Strada Nuova, Venice, Italy

May 28 – November 27, 2016

Gerenstein”s  “Couple, two chairs, one sculpture” is shown at the 2nd floor of the 400 years old Palazzo Mora

Couple, Two Chairs, One Sculpture

Beatriz Gerenstein participated in “Time-Space-Existence“, an official exhibition of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. The exhibition was held by the European Cultural Centre.

The concept:

The aim of this presentation was to show a unique piece that is at the same time a work of art and a piece of comfortable furniture. A Couple, Two Chairs, One Sculpture is actually a two-in-one sculpture. These two pieces resemble delicate and elegant human figures, one is a “She” and the other a “He”. The chairs are subtle anthropomorphic, “She” is delicate and fine but her colorful skirt suggests energy and determination. “He” is strong, heavy and robust.. Beatriz Gerentein designed the artwork after one of her previous bronze sculptures titled “Couple

The sculpture:

These artistic chairs were made with an original combination of exotic woods and were designed and produced in Italy by Gerenstein with state of the art 3D technology, software, printing, and milling. Beatriz gerenstein designed the sculpture to be functional chairs too. In fact, they are very comfortable. Gerenstein took care of any detail designing the chairs to emphasize her esthetical message. She avoided any sharp edge in the composition and designed the chairs with a contour in their top to insinuate that the chairs are leaning one towards the other like in a loving hug

The installation:

Couple, Two Chairs One Sculpture was installed for the duration of the Biennale on the second floor of the 400 years-old Palazzo Mora. The beauty of this renaissance Pallazo creates a contrasting frame to the chairs sculpture that emphasizes Gerenstein esthetical message.